Local Events

Eureka Gras

"Eureka Gras" was introduced in 2006 to kick off the Event Season with a New Orleans style Mardi Gras, complete with parades, floats, and masquerade balls. King's Day, in January, begins the celebration, which ends on Mardi Gras Day, in February or March.

GLBT Diversity Weekends

There are four annual gay and lesbian events called Diversity Weekends.

Festival of the Arts

Each May, Eureka Springs hosts the May Festival of the Arts, a celebration of the art, music, and creativity that are some of the defining features of the Eureka community. The festival begins on the first weekend in May with the Artrageous Parade, a lively, outrageous, and colorful procession of all things artsy. Some additional events during the festival include A Gallery Stroll, which takes place during the May arts festival and continues throughout the season, on the second Saturday of each month, and which allows viewers to tour the numerous art galleries in town and meet the many of the featured artists. There is a PT Cruiser's show on the second Saturday. Books in Bloom, White Street Studio Walk, and ART Car are Art Festival highlight events during the month of May.

Halloween Festival

Beginning in October 2013, Eureka Springs will inaugurate a projected annual Halloween Festival.. The town is already famous for its haunted houses and public buildings, its ghost tours; a Halloween extravaganza in the cemetery, "Voices from the Past" (in which live actors portray the dead of Eureka), and for a variety of ghostly phenomena.

Spring Street Tour of Haunted Homes (May-Oct/call for details) Eureka Springs Cemetery (May-Oct/Fri-Sat 6:00PM) NEW TOURS ADDED: The Historic Mansions Tour Friday and Saturday mornings at 10AM The Historic City Cemetery Friday and Saturday evenings at 6PM.

Poetry Festival

A well-attended poetry festival is held each year. There is extensive local theater, with many productions held at the large stone auditorium, built in the city's downtown in 1929 and inaugurated with a concert by John Phillip Sousa.